The Opal Smartchart is the worlds first Opal appraisal software! It generates an accurate and up to date dollar value for any variety of Australian Opal.

The program asks a series of fully illustrated questions relating to the characteristics of the opal being appraised - a simple mouse click on the relevant photograph in each question is all that is required to generate the value of your Opal.

The printout Certificate lists all questions and their answers along with value of the Opal in either wholesale or retail terms, as required.

The Opal Smart Chart was developed by Peter Evans, currently President of The Opal Association, with over 40 years Opal Industry experience. It is in use with Appraisers, Retailers, Miners, Cutters and gemmologists worldwide.

All terminology used conforms to the CIBJO (World Jewelly Confederation) official Opal Nomenclature.

In addition to providing an opal appraisal & valuation tool the Opal Smartchart also has a comprehensive information section on opal. Hundreds of superb ( enlargeable ) photographs of opal varieties and an extensive help section are provided

There is a 30 day money back policy if not satisfied with the product. It may be run 20 times prior to registration and can be return within this period. However once registered no refund will be provided.

Specifications and operation: The Australian Opal Values guide comes on a CD designed to be run in a Windows environment Win98 or later including Windows 2000, XP. (Please note there is no Mac version available at this stage). A computer with CD reader and hard disk capacity with minimum of 90MB free is required. Setup is automated when the disk is loaded.

This ground breaking software is available for US$145 or AUD 145 incl GST for Australian Customers. Add US $ 10 for postage to US or AUD $5 postage in Australia

Keith Rigby Opals Sydney Australia email

The feedback is positive and enthusiastic from all users. Here are some examples of customer comments

"I tried out the cd--Wow, that makes it so easy. Love it!" MO Florida.

"Smart Chart Opal was received ..."Even I of a beginner can use Smart Chart Opal very easily. Next when upgrading, please inform me, too. I'd like to buy it by all means". NF Japan

Appraisal & Valuation Questions Opal Information Section
Background Colour >>
Brightness >>
Opal Variety >>
Opal Brightness >>
Opal Transparency >>

Other Information Sections on the CD Include:

Current Opal Production
Opal Price Comparisons
Main Opal Varieties
Secondary Opal Varieties
Variety Information
Lighting Used
Guide to Variety Variations
Background Colour
Colour Brightness
Opal Transparency
Spectral Colour Combinations
Colour Tone or Hue
Opal Shape
Opal Field of Origin
Colour Patterns
Colour Display (Directionality)
Faults and Inclusions
Colour Distribution
Opal Size

Subsections cover topics such as Opal Beads, Opal Fossils, Synthetic Opal, Repaired Opal, Opal Fluorescence, Detection of Enhanced Opal, Cracked Opal, and more.