Rubs are opal pieces with the surface ground off to reveal colour inside. Buying rubs gives more predictability to the yield but enables cutters to shape and finish stones to their requirements.

If you don't speak English to make an enquiry - no problem. Go to and translate your message there - cut and paste it into an email message.

New rough and rub parcels will be added to this site regularly - if you would like to be advised when the site is about to be updated please email now.

Click to EnlargeParcel HKR1 US$275
Nice red and green rub 3.9ct great value at US$275

Click to EnlargeParcel HHR1 US$280
Parcel of nice red, blue and green rubs US$280 27ct 14 stones

Click to EnlargeParcel HGR3 US$590
Quality rub parcel in green/blue, orange red/blue and bright green 5gm

Click to EnlargeParcel HGR5 US$270
Extremely well priced parcel of 6 green blue stones 18ct

Click to EnlargeParcel HDR8 US$240
Bright orange green and blue rub parcel 33ct

Click to EnlargeParcel HCR3 US$490
Red blue multicolour stones 98ct

Click to EnlargeParcel GLR3 US$235
Bright green orange and blue/green multicolour stones in this parcel 8gm
Click to EnlargeParcel GLR11 US$275
Red, blue green orange multicolour stones 15gm

Click here to see another view
Click to EnlargeParcel GGR6 US$240
Parcel of green orange, turquoise and blue rubs - weighs around 36ct and costs US$240 Click picture to enlarge it

Click to EnlargeParcel GGR8 US$510
Electric green orange blue rubs very bright gem grade weighs around 16ct and costs US$510 Click picture to enlarge it
Click to EnlargeParcel GGR11 US$260
This parcel of bright orange green blue black and dark base material weighs around 14ct and costs US$260 Click picture to enlarge it
Click to EnlargeParcel GDR2 US$440
Eighteen very bright rubs green/red colours 27 ct US$440 - stones are much better in the hand than in the photo! Click picture to enlarge it

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