You Are Now Underground at the 'King Beaudy Mine -
Lightning Ridge !

The first thing you notice going underground is the smell
and the coolness. The smell is a cross between a sea breeze
and a freshly cooked biscuit.

Down the ladder - shine the torch around to look for snakes or other nasties - then find the magic plug.
Plug in the generator cord and voila - let there be light!

Clear hanging spider webs from the roof. Don't want a spider down your back again!

Looks like a bit of the roof has fallen - hope it holds up today.

This is the main ballroom of the 'King Beaudy mine, where $40,000 of opal was found. Won't be using the rickshaw to move dirt underground today - so lets go up a side drive to start work
This is where the work starts. Under two 150 watt lights digging and shovelling the opal dirt away it suddenly gets unbearably hot, the sweat runs out from under your helmet and stings your eyes.