Welcome to the 'King Beaudy mine
Lightning Ridge

Follow the next few screens through then
get on down to some good hard digging (its worth waiting a few moments while the pictures load).

We have a problem - the 'King Beaudy mine has subsided around the shaft after the recent rain ...
Its not safe and will need to be fixed before we can start mining. That will waste at least an hour - have to pack around the ring with plastic bags, and then backfill.

Fixed the subsidence - now lets fit the hoist motor.

Damn it - the belts keep slipping and can't get the hoist to work properly. This is really shaping up to be a typically bad day!

We will- have to hand mine and store dirt underground and get it out later. So get the mining gear ready to lower down the shaft

Need to clear the redback spider webs from around the shaft, particularly near the ladder, with a long pipe before we can go down.
Redbacks are poisonous and give a nasty bite

Put some petrol in and start the generator - a 5kVA Briggs and Stratton (note to new miners - buy a Honda instead)

Lets go underground and get gougin'!