This is what customers say about opal sold from this site!
"I am very happy with the rough you sent me and would be very interested in purchasing more in the future"
M.G. Homestead FL
"I received the opal yesterday, all in good order. Now I've got to go out and cut some, as instructed by my wife (THE BOSS) as she loves opal. Let me know when you get back from your mine with more material"
K.S. El Sobrante, CA
"The opal arrived in fine condition! Thanks! Now the challenge is to cut it. .. Again thanks! I'm enjoying my birthday gift already"
S. W. San Marcos Tx
"I received the marchandise. It is nicer than the picture shown in your website. I'm afreid I have to fix all of my fututer orders to you. Thank you very much,"
EM Nagasaki, Japan
"G'mornin', I love it, the parcel I ordered arrived Yesterday and I got so excited I have 'polished' a hole in both index fingers! Thank you very much for being as good as your word, the parcel was perfect. We are looking forward to future parcels."
J & D Stafford VA
"Just wanted to let you know that I've received the forwarded opal from New York; It is beautiful! I am extremely happy with the stone, and I can't wait to have it set in a custom design for a ring.

Thank you again for sending the stone so quickly. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I certainly will direct other friends and associates in your direction when they are looking for quality opals!"

J A White Plains NY
"Hi Keith My parcel arrived this mourning. It looks fantastic. Thank you very much for your understanding. I am sure I will be buying more soon. When are you going to put out some new parcels? Next time we might try a different shipping method. Is there any you recommend for faster delivery and how much more it will cost? Thanks again for some great opal. Gotta go cut some now. "
R Piedmont Missouri
"I received the package today, I LOVE THE OPAL, it is Gorgeous!!!! Thank You! I also love the pearls, they are great. It's Wonderful doing business with You. The package arrived fast, the packaging was excellent, You are very helpful in e-mails, the items are as described and really Top Rate. I am positive we will do business again soon. You brought me and my Mom much happiness. The Opal is absolutely Beautiful, Thank You :)
M C :) Sharon MA
"You treat people very well, and I think that keeps most of everyone honest because a decent dealer (as in polite, good prices, quality material, and no BS) is pretty hard to find."
D Iowa City IA
"I received the opals yesterday. They are beautiful! Also I cant wait to start working with the rough material. It looks beautiful also. Thanks for your kind and rapid service. Will be back for more!"
J R Westford MA
"The stone arrived this morning in good order.It's bright and beautiful !!!! I am happy with the stone .If it were bigger , it would be a killer !!! Thank you for your business and your honest description of the stone . I will definitely recommand your firm to anyone who has interest in opal. Keep me inform when you have a larger stone of the same quality . Again, thank you."
Regards, M Brocton MA
Thank you Keith! I got the opals on August 26, 2000. This was my first time ordering opals and I am thankful. I have been interested in lapidary and hopefully this would get me started. Maybe after I practice I would like to order better quality stones that would be more exciting to work with. Thank you and keep in touch, bye.
T Y Saipan
The order arrived and I am very pleased. This should entertain me for a while! I've been stung by a couple of American vendors so it was with some trepedition that I awaited the order. There is a lot of color showing and a lot of practice ahead for a relatively novice cutter. Thank you for your courtesy and a quality package for the money. Also thanks for the free black potch and the caps.

I showed this parcel to a couple of experienced cutters (who are also professional gold miners) and they were impressed. They pointed out, in a quick examination, more than enough cutters to pay for the parcel. You should be hearing from them. As my skills increase I will definitely be back for some higher grade rough.

Thanks again for your prompt courtesy and an excellent parcel,

B P Hamburg CA
I received your email and looked over your new stuff on the web site. I was hopeful that I would be able to make it over to the gem show next month that you will be attending, I've got a sneaking feeling that your fantastic rough will be with you there. (mine would)

I am still having fun with the last parcel I bought from you, I have bought several kilo's from other folks since then and have been so disappointed that I resold it without cutting a single stone. Your rough has me hooked. I am now down to making triplets that are awesome with what I have left.

My doctor doesn't want me flying and it looks like the snow in the moutains will keep the train from being an option. When you get back home if you have any fantastic black with red dominant rough left would you put together a parcel for me??? (around $1,000.oo US)

Yours is the best and the most reasonable, So I'll wait.

EL Montreal Canada
Received my opal parcel yesterday. I can't thank you enough! The opals are beautiful. The parcel I purchased from you, was the 4th one I have purchased in the past year. Not only are the pieces bigger, the size of parcel was quite a bit larger as well. Looking forward to my next order( hopefully in a few weeks!). Thanks so much! The opals really are wonderful.
CD Fairbanks Alaska
I thank you so much. These beautiful opals you are sending will be used in an engagement ring... So that is testimony for you on how wonderful the stones are.
MC Belleville MI
Please add me to your email list -- also if you have any smaller parcels of the reds on black I'd be very interested. I got a couple of pretty stunning brilliant red multicolors from one of the sets. I got very lucky in that a piece that looked like junk actually had a nice pocket of very saturated fire sitting the near-black potch.
AA British Columbia Canada
The opal I purchased from you arrived Saturday, it is excellent , thanks for the phone call and prompt service. You can be assured I will recommend you services were ever possible.
MW Surrey UK
Keith, after my last email I never heard back from you. I hope I didn't offend you in any way and want to apoligize if I did. I have this stupid idea that bigger is better and not always true. I really haven't worked the parcel much but, started working this one stone and it's simply amazing. I've got people telling me anywhere from $1000-$5,000 a carat. I have crummy pics of the stone but, will attach one. It is like a kleidscope of color, no dead spots, no matter what way you turn it, it flashes. This stone flashes in the dark. The only thing that was visible from this stone before I started was a dot of red fire showing through that was it. The picture definitely doesn't do it justice.
SH Atlanta GA
Just wanted to let you know I received parcel CF22 last week - it looks great! Thanks for your great service - I also really appreciate you sending the black potch for doublets. It will very much come in handy for some of the opals I am working on right now. In fact, any time you send some with an order, it will be put to good use. All we have in the states is Basinite, which is somewhat porous and does not polish up very well. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. You still have the best opal web site on the net.
DK Richland WA
I received the parcel GA22 in good order. Everything was perfectly acceptable and just as you described. I have cut a considerable amount of cheap material before. This is the first time I have cut any of the "good stuff". I have already cut a few stones in the parcel. One of them turned out to be what looks like a really bright green-orange primary (multicolor) HARLEQUIN on N2 black, I think it's about maybe 3 carats. Man it's a beauty! I was amazed with that one because the initial rough stone that cut that piece didn't look like that much. You can clearly see the colors in the picture, but because of the surface roughness on top and sand, I didn't think much stone would be left. The colors got really bright as I ground through the top sand, and you can see that I kept the stone very close to the original shape, as I was very impressed with the color and pattern. The nice thing about this stone in the hand is that for example, that really bright green flash you see in the picture, it changes very, very quickly to equally bright orange with the slightest turn of the stone. I think that is beautiful.Personally, I think this stone would retail maybe $500/ct.
CB Jonesboro AR
Just yesterday received the EMS as I was out when they attempted delivery the day previous. Beautiful opal--I'm very pleased! Was able to send off payment to Tom at T.F. Lapidary for the Black Opal book. Thanks sincerely for your assistance in locating a copy. Am anxious to look it over and get some cutting started myself on the new stuff...
JL Seattle WA
I received a parcel of rubs from you and it was much nicer than I expected. thank you.
WC Bridgewater NJ
Just a note to tell you the stones arrived safely. Thank you very much they appear as on the web site and I am sure my entire class will enjoy working with them. Thanks again.
AM Boca Raton FL
Sorry I haven't e-mailed you yet, been busy. That parcel looks great I have allready started cutting some of it and one piece that I have gotten done has a flash. one side is solid flash the other has a confetti look I cut it into an oval with the divide down the center. it is really hard to get a picture of it but I am trying to get that done so you can show it off. I also have some that I have cut from the trader rough that I got from you that you can post also.
JR Conway AR
G'day Keith... Hope things are great on your side of the planet.. Raining and chilly here in Oh.. Gotta tell ya.. I love the triples I got from you. Just the right size and just the right price. I don't make a ton of money and $25 for those 2 8mm x 6mm triples was perfect. I could buy 2-6 of those every week, great color!!!!
DN Cincinnatti OH

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